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Welcome to the Minecraft Wiki! Most of you reading this are probably newcomers. If you're willing to help, some useful resources are listed on the How to help page. Here are some basic guidelines for editing:

  • Use proper grammar and spelling, and maintain a good writing style
  • Verify all of your information, and avoid speculation
  • No insults or intimidation; having differing opinions is fine, but please keep it civil
  • Nothing against the Minecraft Terms of Service
  • No vandalizing or spamming; vandalism is pointless as it can easily be reverted
  • Leave a summary of your edits to keep things organized
  • Info about future additions should not be added unless it has been in a released development version. Articles about editions may contain unreleased features, provided they have a reasonable source, such as a Mojang employee's tweet.

Refer to the style guide for more in-depth style guidelines, and the rules page for a list of rules for the wiki.

See Help:Contents for general info and help, Help:Editing for info on wiki coding and Minecraft Wiki:Style guide for info on styling and formatting.

If you are interested in global changes to the wiki, head on over to the projects page. If you are interested in fixing individual pages, look at the Maintenance category. If you want to police the wiki for vandalism or see what other people are editing, trot right down to the recent changes page.

If you are unsure about something, please discuss it on a talk page. If you want to see what's currently being discussed and requested, check out the community portal or hop over onto the Minecraft Wiki's Discord server.

If you've created an account, click here to go to your user page (if the link is red, it's because you haven't created it yet!) You can put whatever you want there: About me, Projects, or whatever else you think the other Minecraft Wiki members should know about you! You can also access this page by clicking on your icon in the top-right of the screen.

Thank you and welcome to the Minecraft Wiki!

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